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Design Inspiration

We, at Force Motors, endeavour to focus on each of our customer’s requirements and deliver accordingly. Our customers are at the core of each of our ideal and they inspire us to experiment and innovate at every step.

Our R&D centre is equipped with most advanced CAD centre and computer engineering environment. The centre, with its well equipped computer engineering environment, gives us ample opportunities to develop novel product designs for our most modern vehicles. Thanks to our customers due to whom Force Motors has reached this stage of success.

Engineering Expertise

The new range of our products has been fully engineered and developed in-house by our experts at the Force Motors’ R & D centre which is considered to be among the most advanced in the country.

The engines designed by Force Motors are fully checked for emission and fuel efficiency. An elaborate and state-of-the-art tool room with the latest high-precision and versatile machines for manufacturing is created solely for proficient engineering.

Diversified Presence

Force Motors has always been a highly flexible, vertically integrated automotive company that extended its range beyond the boundaries through country specific models.

Over the last five decades we have partnered with leading global automotive companies to develop necessary expertise in-house for design, development and manufacture of automobiles, sub-systems, components and aggregates. Due to this, our vehicles have reached the niche markets of Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Evolving Utility

We focus on the utility of our products and evolve with the times to deliver the unsurpassed. We have a formidable product range in all segments - from Small Commercial Vehicles, Multi Utility Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles to agricultural tractors. We showcase some innovative and exclusive products appropriately custom designed for the discerning Indian as well as the international market.

Performance Driven

We are committed to cultivating a performance-driven culture that rewards results. Our core team has developed great expertise in design, development and manufacturing of automobiles with the help of our global partners.

As a fully vertically integrated and complete automobile company, we focus on high quality, utility and technology through superior product design, production engineering, hi-tech manufacturing and innovative marketing.

Delivering Value

We believe that delivering value through all channels drives growth. Force Motors encourages innovation and motivates the 500 odd expert design engineers to create path-breaking automotive designs.

At Force Motors, every vehicle is run though durability test lab, engine test lab and driveline test setups before it hits the road. Apart from test labs Force Motors has in house torture track (Pave Track) for complete vehicle durability testing.

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