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Force Motors

Force Motors is a fully, vertically integrated automobile company, with expertise in design, development and manufacture of the full spectrum of automotive components, aggregates and vehicles.

Its range includes Small Commercial Vehicles, Multi-Utility Vehicles (MUV), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Agricultural Tractors. So no matter what the need be, Force has a solution to offer.

Force provides appropriate solutions for transport – both goods as well as passenger – rugged, reliable and efficient transport solutions for every need- Rural or urban, long distance or local, over good roads or bad tracks.


Originally designed and produced by Mercedes Benz AG, Germany as T1 Transporter, it is now manufactured in India as the “Traveller”. This range of passenger and goods carriers is powered by the fuel efficient TD 2200 Common rail engine available in both BS III and IV versions. So whether it is for personal or business use, movement of men or material, the Traveller is an ideal choice.

An iconic brand, the Traveller is one of the most popular inter and intra-city mobility vehicles in the country today. The recently launched variant in this range is called the Traveller 26.

Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV)

Trax is the first fully indigenous multi utility vehicle developed in the country. Over the past two decades it has established itself as the preferred people and goods carrier in rural India.

The Trax is a rugged, reliable; all-terrain vehicle powered by the legendary Mercedes- OM 616 derived diesel engine. Tough and stylish with durable steel pressed body primed with state-of-the-art CED process, the Trax has unmatched off-road applications for people and goods transport.

Force Gurkha

Styled on the lines of the legendary Mercedes G Wagen and powered by the Mercedes OM 616 derived turbocharged intercooled direct injection diesel engine developing 80hp and 340 Nm torque, Force Gurkha is the only extreme off-roader vehicle (E.O.V) which comes with differential locks on both front and rear axles, air intake snorkel, class leading ground clearance, a factory fitted hard top with air conditioning and five forward facing seats making it capable to take on any type of terrain in any season.

Force One

Force One is one of the finest sports utility vehicles made by an Indian OEM. The turbocharged Force One beats faster than any other SUV in its segment. Infused with a new 2.2 liter FMTECH Common Rail engine, its subdued growl is like a beast waiting to be unleashed. It is available in EX, SX and LX variants.

Technologically advanced, great road presence, excellent ride and handling, immense space creating comfort at a very competitive price are some of the features of the Force One.


The Trump 40 range of small commercial vehicle is an extremely competent and efficient last mile goods carrier. Its 8ft long cargo hold mounted on the rugged pressed steel ladder type chassis ensures that it can carry both heavy as well as voluminous goods effortlessly. It offers best-in-class safety on account of the combination of powerful disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

Agricultural Vehicles

The Balwan and Orchard are the most technologically advanced tractors which not only make work easier but also more efficient, resulting in higher productivity. The Balwan and Orchard sport synchromesh transmission, excellent ergonomics and fuel efficient engines. The Balwan 550 variant takes this a notch up with power steering added into its features list.

These tractors are designed to suit the various applications and needs of the modern farmer including the specific accessibility requirements within orchards.